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Here are just a few examples of our work. We have a large variety of other works that may be similar to your project. We are happy share any relevant or similar previous work at your request or during the design and planning stage of your project.

Front feature Landscape

The clients design brief for this project was to create usable space out of the new bedroom french doors and a large usage area to soak up the winter sun. We used Odo – Outdoor Design Online for the great design of the new stone entrance way, granite tiling and kwila decking combination to create private oasis on on side and grand welcoming entrance way to the front door on the other.

Approx Cost of build: Design $700, Excavation $2000, Decking $10000, Concrete block work and stone $12000, Granite tiling $4000 and soft landscapes $ 5000 – Total $ 34,000






Retaining and driveway

Front landscape with Solid brick retaining wall, Charcoal concrete driveway, turf and plants  – Cost Approx Design $450, Excavation $3000, Structural Landscaping $12500, Soft Landscaping $8000, Lights/ Lbox and paint $4000 Total $28,000 Inc GST

Limestone Paving Courtyard

Including water feature of spilling pots, feature fencing and all hidden works inc excavation, drainage and lighting

High detailed Job Approx coat $ 65,000.

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